Aanmelding Italiaans minimumloon

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You’ve signed up for the representation in Italy. For that I thank you.


This notification means, that there are drivers you have employed whom drive cabotage in Italy and you are looking for someone who can represent your interests through representation.


To carry out the representation, please fill in this form. We have put in an English translation on what to fill in to help you along. 

You can download the document here.

Save the document on your computer, before filling it in. After filling in the form, “save as” and return it to us.


You can fill in on each form a maximum of 5 drivers. If you want to fill in more, you will have to fill in an entirely new form for now. We do not know if this will change in the future.


If you wish to registrate a new driver, please send again the filled in form with the new driver’s details.


Besides the form, please also fill in de excel sheet for our own administration. It also asks for SIPSI account data, but if you don’t drive in France, you can leave that blank.


After completing the form and excel sheet, you can send them to:  minimumloon@transportinnood.nl. Put in the subject line of the email “Form Italy”. When we have the form, we will supplement this with further details of the representative and we will send it to Italy. Then you are ready to go.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.



We have a few tips for you, in response to the questions so far:


  • The legal representative at 1.1 means the owner or manager of the company.
  • Part 2 we will fill in, as also part 4.
  • For drivers: id/progressivo you may leave blank.
  • Signing up for Italy is only for cabotage drives!




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